Beauty and Essex

Imagine walking into a retro and well lit pawn shop labeled “Beauty & Essex”.  As you enter, a man in a suit swiftly opens a door revealing the foyer of a bar and restaurant.


This is truly a unique restaurant.  It feels like you are walking into a speakeasy in the 1920s.  The foyer has a grand staircase and is filed with mirrors, marble, and a beautiful chandelier. I image it is very much like a club that Jay Gatsby would have gone to.  The bar has a wonderful atmosphere and has a mix of modern and antique luxurious accents.




The dining room is breath-taking with its decadent decor. There is a huge skylight in the center of the ceiling.  Looking out of it, you can see many luscious plants growing.  The seats- chairs and couches- all very pouch and luxurious in velvet and leather.

images-5The bathroom even reflects the 1920s with its art-deco tile, mirrors with round vanity light, and beautiful antique perfume bottles.  There is even a seating plush seating area and a bar.  The bar gives customers complementary champagne in the bathroom.  How better can it get?

The food is very unique with a tapas menu. Tapas is food to share with the the whole table.  The philosophy is that you get less and share it so you are able to try many different dishes.  I am obsessed with all of the creative gourmet dishes this restaurant has invented.





One of my favourite items I ordered was the Grilled Cheese, Smoked Bacon, and Tomato Soup Dumpling:

photo taken by me


I hope you enjoyed learning about this unique restaurant. Leave me any questions or comments! (all photos provided by Beauty & Essex unless otherwise specified)






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