Springing into Spring

A little background story:  I was at a party at the store EXPRESS in Time Square on Friday.  I was so excited to be there are had picked out the perfect outfit- a cute but not too revealing black romper, a fun necklace, and a sleek pair of black heels.  I felt amazing and was having the best time.  About half way through the party, my feet began to really hurt.  I decided to stick it out through the pain, but eventually I couldn’t bear it anymore.  So I bought a pair of flats from EXPRESS during the party.  I was instantly feeling so much better and could now enjoy the fun things going on around me.

This got me thinking about what flats I will be wearing this spring- whether it is on the go or dressing up.  At EXPRESS I tried a different silhouette of flats that has openings on the sides.  I really liked them and got them in a fun bright blue that will transition my wardrobe from winter into spring. I think they are perfect from fun, semiformal events and to spruce up an everyday wardrobe.

new_95_031_1045_981_v2 new_95_031_1045_981_03

I have two favourite on-the-go pairs of flat shoes.  I love the Vans slip-ons and Toms espadrilles.  Vans are more durable because of the rubber sole and the fact that they are meant for activities such as skateboarding.  My favourite Vans are the classic slip-on perforated leather (black and white are both gorgeous) because they are breathable, practical, and very fashionable all at the same time.  I like Toms because they are light-weight and the company is helping people around the world and creating a sustainable shoe industry.  My absolute favourite Toms are the Classic Natural Crochet because the fabric is breathable, light, and have a beautifully subtle pattern.



Here is where to get them:


VANS: http://www.vans.com/shop/womens-shoes-classics/slip-on-perf-leather-black

TOMS: http://www.toms.com/women/natural-crochet-womens-classics

Let me know what your favourite shoes are, I am always looking for more shoe recommendations!

xx, Kendall


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