Teen Vogue Fashion University 2015: Day 1

Teen Vogue Fashion University is a weekend of seminars in NYC.  I applied and was accepted (yay!).  It is a great program to network, meet people with similar interests, and learn from people in the fashion industry.

Going into this I had no idea what to expect.  The first day was a party at EXPRESS in Time Square.  It was really amazing to see every persons unique and meticulously planned outfits.  Waiting in line to get it, I was able to chat with a few girls also attending tvfu.  Everyone was just as excited as me!

Inside EXPRESS, the some Teen Vogue fashion editors were at the door to great us and talk to us.  It was surreal.  EXPRESS had just released its spring collection and had it in stores for us to buy. There was also a flash tattoo bar and an eyelash bar.  I had never gotten either of these done before.  The flash tattoos were so unique! I felt I didn’t even have to wear jewellery because they looked so cool and I was pleasantly surprised that they lasted almost 7 days.  Getting fake eyelashes put on at the lash bar was truly transformative.  I got the natural looking ones and loved the new-found confidence I felt.

There was such a great atmosphere as well.  Chelsea Leyland provided some awesome beats!

One of my favorite categories to talk about: THE FOOD 🙂

First of all, there were great mocktails. Second, I loved all of the horvures  being carried around.  They were all so fresh, different, and interesting combinations.  The waffles with friend chicken bites and maple syrup was really cool.  The mini burgers had an amazing sauce.  The dessert was even better :). There were mini chocolate whoopee pies  that were to-die-for and so many more mouth watering bites.

Talking to the editors was such a cool experience! I had a lengthy conversation with Jessica Minkoff about her start in her career.  I also talked to Andrew Bevan and Teen Vogue’s publisher, Jason Wagenheim.


The first night was amazing over all and I can’t wait to tell you all about my other two days attending Teen Vogue Fashion University! stay tuned and I will be posting about them in the next few days!

I would love to know what you think about it!

xx, Kendall


4 thoughts on “Teen Vogue Fashion University 2015: Day 1

    1. It was really cool! Although it was harder to network since I am not in college and much younger than many of the people there. I would definitely recommend applying for next year if you are interested in fashion!
      Xx, Kendall

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