Teen Vogue Fashion University: Day 2

The second day of Teen Vogue Fashion University was very special because it was the first major event in the new World Trade Center.  Since It was rebuilt the building is very new and modern.  The elevator keys are even all touch screen! There is also a large graffiti mural on the wall that I fell in love with at first sight.  I don’t consider myself very artistic, so seeing something this massive and beautiful was amazing to me.

My first seminar was with Michelle Phan and Amy Astley.  It was so amazing! I was very inspired by Michelle’s passion and drive to be successful.  One important thing I took from the seminar was that she didn’t go into youtube blogging to be come famous and she didn’t create Ipsy to become famous either.  She saw something she wanted to do for people and just simply did it.


The second seminar I attended that day was with Claiborne Swanson Frank.  She is a photographer and has a book that just came out.  I was very moved by her photos and how she chooses outfits and backdrops.  She was such a unique person and her philosophy was also very inspiring.  She wanted to be outdoors all the time, so she found a career in photography.


My next speaker was Kate Davidson Hudson.  She has a magazine dedicated to high-end accessories.  I though it was cool that she thought of a gap in the market and was able to fill it (very successfully I might add).  The accessories are all so stunning! I want all of them!


After that, I was at a teen vogue editors panel.  5 of the teen vogue editors told us about their jobs and were able to answer many questions about working for a fashion magazine.  It is interesting to me because they are never doing the same thing everyday.  They always have something new going on.


Next was a blogger panel.  One of the bloggers was the College Prepster.  She said she blogged because it was a break she looked forward to everyday from her hectic college life.  One thing all the bloggers had in common was that they just wanted to write about fashion.  They were never in it to make money, that was just a byproduct of their passion for writing and fashion.


Last by not least, I attended a seminar with Hannah Bronfman, a lifestyle and fitness blogger.  I eat really health and I also like to exercise, so I liked this a lot.  She was young and had a fresh look on everything.

My favourite thing of the day was hands down seeing every persons fabulous ensembles.  They were all so amazing and unique!


Let me know if you found this interesting 🙂

xx, Kendall


3 thoughts on “Teen Vogue Fashion University: Day 2

  1. This was such an interesting read, and it sounds like an amazing experience! Was this a course that the general public could sign on to? If so, how did you find out about it? Xxx


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