Morse Code Jewellery

At Christmas, I received one of the most unique gifts I have ever gotten.  Every year my sister and I get each other Christmas gifts, usually things we have said we wanted.  This year I was pleasantly surprised to receive a bracelet from my sister which says “sister” in morse code.

I was so touched to receive such a unique and thoughtful gift.  I love this bracelet so much and wear it all the time!






Since I loved this bracelet from Etsy so much, I decided to look for more morse code jewellery. The others I found are also really cute and are something I would wear.

here are some of my favourites (all under $40):

click on the pictures for the links!

il_570xN.518317473_9uvr   il_570xN.518172362_jj3z

il_570xN.661527006_pqjb il_570xN.748951211_k5ey

I hope you can get some inspiration for gifts for your friends, siblings, and family from this! What type gifts do you typically like to give?

xx, Kendall


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