Cannes 2015

I have always heard that everyone wants to go to Cannes for the Cannes Film Festival and the amFAR Gala and now I know why.  The Festival was likely this years most glamorous event and the gala a social climax.

This years festival theme was la femme.  Showcasing more female directors, leading actresses, and producers than ever before.

From runway to red carpet, the fabulous fashions of the event are not something to miss.  These are some of my favorites:


amfar-gala-red-carpet-cannes-29  amfar-gala-red-carpet-cannes-03

amfar-gala-red-carpet-cannes-01  amfar-gala-red-carpet-cannes-14

amfar-gala-red-carpet-cannes-11  amfar-gala-red-carpet-cannes-18

amfar-gala-red-carpet-cannes-20  amfar-gala-red-carpet-cannes-15

Let me know which outfit from the events is your favorite and why. 🙂

xx, Kendall


2 thoughts on “Cannes 2015

  1. I know! I have always wanted to go to Cannes as well! I have once stood on those famous steps… but not during the festival…lol. All the looks you chose were so elegant, but I thought Sienna Miller really nailed the entire Cannes week(s). I also Rachel Weisz was stunning- very simple elegance!

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