Salon Style

Senior Prom was last week and there was no way I could procure the up-do I wanted all by myself.  That lead me to my usual salon.  I really did not know what to expect.  Do they already have an idea in mind?  How much time will be spent on me? Will they know what I want?

I texted my hair dresser before hand to ask her what she thinks will look good with my dress.  I would recommend this to anyone getting styled for an event.  This way we were able to send ideas back and forth.  We were both able to be on the same page before the appointment, making the whole thing run smoothly.

When she started doing my hair I learned I needed to be very specific and honest about how I want my hair compared to how it was.  Most people get very uncomfortable with asking their hairdresser to change something when they do not like it.  One might be weary of hurting her feelings.  What you don’t know is they will happily change something if you want it differently.  The one thing you need to remember is that she can not read your mind and will happily tweak until everything is how you pictured. My hair dresser had to redo a part of my up-do three times, but it was all worth it when it was finally perfect.





Let me know if this post helped you! What are some of your tips to getting the hair you want in this situation?

xx, Kendall


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