Get FREE stickers

I recently bought a new laptop for college.  Naturally, I wanted to get some cool decorations so I started searching for companies that give out free stickers (i’m working with a college budget here!) If you’re in the same boat here are a bunch of websites that are give them out.

I found many companies had forms set up to send out stickers or otherwise you just have to shoot them an email asking for stickers. (linked are the forms)

These companies have a form to fill out for free stickers:

Southern Marsh

If you send a self-addressed envelope to the following companies addresses, they will send the envelope back filled with stickers:

Attn:  Stickers
N850 County Highway CB 
Appleton, WI 54914

North Face
The North Face Attn:  Stickers
N850 County Highway CB
Appleton, WI 54914

 Penny Board
Penny Skateboards
4040 Calle Platino Ste 102

Oceanside, Ca 92056

Ron Jon Surf Shop
Ron Jon Surf Shop
Attn: Free Stickers
3850 S Banana River Blvd.
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

These companies will send you stickers if you fill out the linked forms or email them at their customer service email address.

Yeti Coolers – email them at
Puma – email them at
Vineyard Vines – email them at
Peace Tea
Coca Cola

These are just a small collection I have gathered of the many companies who participate. If there are other companies you want to receive stickers from, I would suggest emailing them through customer service. More often than not, they are happy to send you some.

Hope you all are having a good end of summer and start to the school year!

xx, Kendall

H&M x Balmain

I am ecstatic to announce that in less than 24 hours, Nov. 5, the newest collaboration H&M x Balmain will be in stores and online.

Designer collaborations have becoming increasingly popular because of their monumental success every time. Think Target x Lilly Pulitzer and H&M x Alexander Wang. Each of these collections sold out in a matter of hours after they were released.

Ever since the H&M x Balmain collaboration was announced in June at the Billboard music awards in LA, I have been patiently counting down the days till the collection hits stores.

Here is a little bit about our collaborators:
H&M is a fast fashion retail company.  It sells trendy clothes at affordable prices.
Balmain is a fashion house from Paris.  It is well known for it’s color, fluidity, and elegance. Current creative director Olivier Rousteing has a mission to grow the brand even more and said this collaboration is a dream come true for him.

Here is an interview with Olivier Rousteing regarding the collaboration.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 2.38.46 PM

So…. What are the clothes like?
There is no doubt that the collection resembles Rousteing’s signature work at Balmain.  Some pieces can even be tracked directly to their inspiration from the runway. The collection is filled with trousers channeling the same inspiration found at Balmain today, beaded mini dresses paired with exaggerated shoulder jackets, draped skirts, and over the knee boots. All pieces made from luxurious-feeling fabrics from silk to suede.

My favorite piece of this collection I would have to say is the green sequin embroidered dress with the draped silk skirt as a close second.

Rousteing was able to deliver a collection at lower prices and, therefore, accessible to more of his fans.  Will the general public match Rousteing’s enthusiasm? Well, I guess we’ll find out when the collection hits stores tomorrow, Nov. 5.

Get ready for Balmainia!! #HMBALMAINATION



What do you think of the pieces in the H&M x Balmain collection?

xx, Kendall

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Super Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

I am one of those people that wont decide on a costume until the day before halloween.  It can be very stressful when you know you have no time to order things online or go shopping.

7 Last Minute Costume Ideas:

  1. Vampire: vampires are a fool proof costume.  Throw on some black clothes that you feel confident and fun in, get some fangs, and apply a dark berry lipstick.  Add some blood to vamp it up a notch.
  2. Frat Boy: throw on a Hawaiian shirt, some colorful chinos, a baseball or bucket cap, and Sperry’s and you’re good to go!

  3. Cow Girl: All you need for this costume is a plaid shirt, jean bottoms, leather boots (preferably cowgirl boots), and a bandanna.  Cow girl hat optional*

  4. Baseball Player: What you need is your favorite baseball teams jersey, white, gray, or black ;leggings depending on the team colors, sneakers, white high socks, and a matching baseball cap.  To take it up a notch carry around a baseball and wear eye black.

  5. Taylor Swift:  Grab your favorite skirt-sweater set, a classic handbag, cute sunglasses, and classic heels or boots. Go the extra length by wearing red lipstick!
  6. Arianna Grande: Throw on a fun skater skirt or dress, some cute pumps, and throw your hair up in her signature half-up-half-down.  ** you could also go the funny route and buy a box of donuts to lick and talk about how awful America is.

  7. Hippie: Find a flower or tie-dye top and a pair of ultra flare pants. Take this look up a notch with a flower crown, a peace sign necklace, and some groovy shades. And don’t forget to flash a couple peace signs!

    hippie-costumeScreen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.53.58 AM

What are your go-to halloween costumes? What are you dressing up as this year?

xx, Kendall

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(All images from google image)

The Best Fall Outerwear

I am an outerwear kind of gal.  Being one of those people that’s always freezing makes outerwear a necessity for me, so why not start a collection?  I am obsessed with outerwear and believe you can never get enough.  If you life in the north, I know you feel my pain for the beautiful but brutal winters here in New England.

7 coat trends to try this fall:

  • POLAR VORTEX: think casual, uber cozy and puffy parkas and anoraks with hints of fur.


Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.09.45 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.17.41 PM

  • FUR SURE: rich fur is making a comeback but in a completely different way.  Companies now have found a way to make faux fur identical to the real thing.  This luxe textile will be big with not only coats, but also collars, stoles, and even cuffs.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.12.36 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.14.51 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.15.59 PM

  • THAT’S A WRAP: Wrap coats instantly amp up the sophistication factor of any look.  These coats are also made of ultra cozy material.


Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 7.51.04 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.27.37 PM

  • CAPE CRUSADERS: the dramatic cape has made a comeback once again.  Not only in the classics, but also in a myriad of ranges- long, dramatic, and even weatherproof.



Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.21.31 PM

  • FRINGE FINISH: fringe is everywhere! I cant wait to try out this trend with a fun fringe coat

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.22.48 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.26.25 PM


  • BOMBER BLISS: Cozy, functional, and durable… what does this coat not have.  I love this silhouette with super warm sherpa wool.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 7.53.53 PM


Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.24.22 PM

  • CREAMY COLOR: colored coats in classic silhouettes are everywhere this fall.  Colors are great because even though you may not enjoy the cold weather, a colorful jacket does the trick to instantly brighten someones mood.




What coat type are you most excited to try this fall?

My sister just purchased the light pink pastel coat in the “creamy color” category and I might just have to steal it from her closet because I’m so obsessed with it. I also can’t wait to try the cape coat trend.  I have never tried on or had anything like that and I am super excited!

xx, Kendall

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Fall 2015 Trends

Fall is my favorite season not only because of my birthday, but also for the clothes!  Fall is the perfect temperature for layers.  Summer is too hot and humid for my cutest clothes and winter I end up piling on layers until I resemble a snowman.

Here are 5 fall trends to follow this season:

1.Flares: Nothing says casual-chic like a great pair of ultra flared jeans. It’s no wonder flares are super flattering and comfortable.  I love this trend because they go great with big chunky sweaters and booties for fall.


Shop the trend:
Free People 
7 For All Mankind
Lucky Brand
True Religion

2. Fringe: The 70s are back and better than every.  You can find anything this season in fringe whether it is a bag, a vest, top, or my favorite, skirts.


Shop the trend:
Trina Turk
Nasty Gal (on sale now!)
Forever 21

3.Suede: suede everything is on the rise. Coats, shirts, pants, skirts, even shoes. In a range of colors from taupe to rich burgundy, this is a trend you’ll want to be sporting this fall.


Shop the trend:
Urban Outfitters

4. Over the Knee Boots: These boots are essential for fall.    They were huge last year and will be just as prevalent (if not more!) this season. Bonus: you can stretch your summer dresses into fall with these fall staples.


Shop the trend:
Stuart Weitzman
Sam Edelman
Chinese Laundry (on sale now!)
Ivanka Trump

5.Long Line Blazers: I am obsessed with these. This menswear trend is extremely easy to pull off and instantly elevates any outfit to ultra chic.


Shop the trend:
Rotita (on sale now!)
House of Fraser (on sale now!)
River Island

What are your favorite trends for the fall? Which will you try? let me know in the comments below 🙂

xx, Kendall

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Halter Top Transitional Look















I love this look as a transition into fall.  Rolling up my jeans is a go to styling tip for me when its still warm out during the day but gets a little cooler in the evening. It makes a look a little more casual.

Halter tops like this have such a flattering cut for any body type.  I have found so many similar tops to this that I love.  I decided to go with the pink because I realized I barely have any pink in my closet!

I am not normally a statement earring type of person, but when I saw these amazing earrings I knew I had to have them.  They are so great for elevating a simple look.

JEANS- The Gap
TOP- Ann Taylor (on sale now!)
WATCH- Fossil

What are your go to looks and styling tips for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall?

xx, Kendall

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This outfit is great for a casual day.  It is easy outfit to transition into fall with a sweater but is also great for hot days.  The contrast between the ripped boyfriend jeans and the feminine blouse and sandals is why I love this outfit.  I’m so glad I dug all of these pieces out of my closet. This outfit will be one of my staples for the next few months

How do you like to style jeans during the summer?

Sunnies- Ray Bans  I  Top- Forever 21 (similar)  I  Jeans- American Eagle  I Watch- Fossil  I  Ring- Antique Claddagh (similar)  I  Shoes- Kenneth Cole (similar)

xx, Kendall

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5 Fast and Healthy Snacks

** featured in The Preppy U Magazine **

We are all guilty of grabbing a pack of cookies on our way out the door because it is convenient and fast.  It is very hard to eat healthy with all the tempting fast foods.  And its even harder when you are in college or working to have the time to prepare healthy meals.  Here are five of my favorite fast and simple healthy snacks for busy days ( or any day really).  They all take under five minute to prepare!

Avocado Toast

I love Avocado because it has such great health benefits.  What could be better than sliced avocado on warm toast with smoked chipotle pepper.

Evernote Camera Roll 20150721 213461

Evernote Camera Roll 20150721 213460

PB & J

I revamped the PB & J to be a guilt free sandwich.  I used whole wheat toast, almond butter, and fresh strawberries.

Evernote Camera Roll 20150721 213464

Evernote Camera Roll 20150721 213465

Pita & Hummus

I toasted pita bread to go with fresh hummus and garnished with rosemary.

Evernote Camera Roll 20150721 213458

Evernote Camera Roll 20150721 213463

Banana Sweets

This bite sized snack packs in protein and fiber into a perfect quick snack.  I sliced a ripe banana and topped it with peanut butter and either dark chocolate chips or cocoa nibs.

Evernote Camera Roll 20150721 213459

Evernote Camera Roll 20150721 213462

Blueberry Yogurt Dots

Dip blueberries in vanilla yogurt and freeze them.  A refreshing (and healthy) treat. Bonus: the blueberries will help you power through late night studying.  They give your brain a boost and help retain memory.

Evernote Camera Roll 20150721 222458

Evernote Camera Roll 20150721 222457

I love all of these snacks. Which are your favorite and what would you change? What are your favorite healthy, on-the-go snacks? Please let me know if you try any of these!

xx, Kendall

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Best CC Cream Ever

Finding makeup that works for our individual skin type is hard and every person has different preferences when it comes to beauty products.  I have been searching long and hard for a CC Cream that works for me.

I like to use CC Cream or BB Cream because it is lighter than foundation and looks like you are not wearing any makeup at all.  CC Cream is my favorite because it smooths out your skin tone and has a color corrector.  BB Cream is very similar to CC Cream but does not have as many added benefits for your skin.  They are both great for summer too because they will last, and who wants heavy foundation running down her face?

One thing that I have had issues with concerning CC Cream in the past is my face looking shiny in photos.  Sometimes this can happen because of the SPF in it.

I am beyond ecstatic that I found Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream when I went to Sephora. It comes in 7 different shades ranging from fair to medium/dark.  It has 30 SPF and “a color correcting cream that fades imperfections, evens complexion, and prevents further discoloration.” I have found this all to be true and was so happy to see that it helped my acne scars fade over time.  This is definitely a game changer.  I love that it brightens skin and can even work as a base if you prefer more coverage.  In the winter the hydration has also saved my skin many times from drying out.  I would seriously recommend that everyone tries this out!

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 8.50.44 PM



(This review is all my own genuine opinion.  In no way have I been compensated for my review)

Let me know what your favorite CC and BB Creams are.  Do you have this or do you have any you like even more than this?  I would love your feedback!

xx, Kendall

Summer Skincare

Summer is tough on skin.  Especially for an Irish girl like me.  I constantly have to apply sunscreen and when I forget to I am burnt for a week.  Summer is definitely not a time to be lax on skin protection.


For my body I tend to use Coppertone Sport spray sunscreen because its a lot faster, but liquid sunscreen is better for making sure you cover your whole body.  On occasion I miss an entire strip of skin on my leg and will get a very awkward sunburn there.

My face is very sensitive, so I never use the sports sunscreens on my face because they are oily and make me break out.  That is probably a common occurrence among everyone.  I found this sunscreen COOLA which I have been using for a few years now and absolutely love it for my face.

I love using COOLA because it is a mineral based product, is great for sensitive skin and is good for the environment.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 5.06.47 PM

The tinted sunscreen is a fantastic primer for makeup but can also just been worn alone.  Its a win, win! I like the ones that have a matte finish because the spf in sunscreens can sometimes make skin look shiny in photos.  Some also have cucumber or rose in it, which is very refreshing for summer.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 5.14.04 PM


Wearing a hat in the summer has saved my face from many sunburns. I invested in a wide-brimmed hat from j. crew which I wear all the time in the summer.  I recommend this to everyone because the sun can be very tough on your face.  I once was on vacation and was not protecting my face very well from the sun and ended up with a sunburn that made me look like I had a red mustache.  Needless to say I am not letting that happen again.  Even though I am young, I am being proactive about my skincare because I know my future self will thank me when I don’t have wrinkles at the age of 50. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 6.13.47 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 6.15.49 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 6.17.04 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 6.17.58 PM

Let me know how you keep your skin protected in the summer! Tell me if you found my tips helpful.

xx, Kendall