Bandanas are Back

Bandanas have been in my life ever since I can remember. However, I was not always so fond of them as I am now. I have many memories of my mom accessorizing my hair with bandanas during my childhood saying how stylish they were when she was growing up despite my incessant protests that I looked ridiculous. As I grew, I learned to tolerate them, and even like them on certain occasions. Even so, I can only recall a handful of times I have been seen sporting one in the past eight years.

Recently bandanas have come full circle and made a stylish and trendy reappearance.  This return began at music festivals like Coachella, notorious for its stylishly dressed attendees in eclectic and western inspired pieces.  I for one, am ecstatic that is western trend is coming back for the sheer versatility of the bandana.  Unlike previous trends gracing festival grounds, this ‘It’ accessory is very affordable and  has some real practicality to it, too.  A bandana can be worn as a head wrap, a headband, a scarf, a choker, a bracelet, and I have even seen it worn as a top on some occasions. So many possibilities!

The Trend

My Picks

Free People (1) | Urban Outfitters (1) | Free People (2) | Urban Outfitters (2) | Nasty Gal |
J. Crew

Which ‘It’ trends are your favorite? Let me know if you have any bandana suggestions! 🙂

xx, Kendall

DVF Spring 2016

It’s that time of year again! New York Fashion Week has begun with all of its usual glitz and glamour and more.  Many have traveled across the world just to see the iconic shows.  One of the first runway shows to kick off the season was Diane Von Furstenberg.

Since the iconic wrap dress, DVF has been known for its classic, feminine styles.  I love the beautiful prints, colors, and the flattering styles I see every season on the Diane Von Furstenberg runway.

This year was no exception to the goddess-like styles made famous in previous seasons.  Filled with whimsical feminine forms, the clothes are anything you could dream of and more.  The color palette consists on beautiful fuchsias, gold, white, turquoise, light pink, and black. The fabrics looks absolutely decadent when brought to life on the catwalk.  Black-and-white patchwork maxi dresses, floral jumpsuits, and gold embroidery where just a few of the luxurious prints.  The 70’s vibe to this collection is just a glimpse of the styles to come this spring. Karlie Kloss started the show and Gigi Hadid closed it.  This is not a collection you will want to miss.

here are a few of my favorite looks from the show:











What are your favorite looks?  What are your favorite runway shows from NYFW Spring 16?

xx, Kendall


It’s that time of year again when fashionistas gather in New York City.  Ever since street style became a hot topic, fashion week has never been the same.  Style makers congregate in major cities in their best get-ups being photographed and admired by many.

I have been pouring over websites like and other fashion websites viewing the street style this season.  It always amazes me how many photos are being churned out.  I am fascinated each fashion week with the amazing personal style found on the streets.  Many people during NYFW experiment with styling their outfits.  Their venture into the unknown styling creativity is really inspiring.  Everyone always looks so good! Although my everyday uniform will not contain many of the exaggerated pieces, there are elements I will incorporate into my daily style.

Here area few of my picks from NYFW:


(all photos from

xx, Kendall

My Favourite Looks From NYFW 2014

I absolutely loved this years fall fashion week looks. Here are some of my favourites:

Oscar De La Renta

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Mary Katrantzou

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.31.07 PM

Diane VonFurstenberg

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.34.19 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.33.58 PM

(Carolina Herrera featured)




I was in attendance of Isabella Rose Taylor’s runway show on September 9th.  This prodigy just had her first NYFW experience.  Although she is just 13 years old she has become an amazing artist, graduated high school and enrolled in college, and just held her first New York Fashion Week runways show.  She just launched a line in Nordstroms this fall, showcasing a dozen pieces from her fall collection.  The designer describes the style as hippie and grunge.  Her designs were very innovative and sophisticated.  I look forward to seeing her success skyrocket!