Bandanas are Back

Bandanas have been in my life ever since I can remember. However, I was not always so fond of them as I am now. I have many memories of my mom accessorizing my hair with bandanas during my childhood saying how stylish they were when she was growing up despite my incessant protests that I looked ridiculous. As I grew, I learned to tolerate them, and even like them on certain occasions. Even so, I can only recall a handful of times I have been seen sporting one in the past eight years.

Recently bandanas have come full circle and made a stylish and trendy reappearance.  This return began at music festivals like Coachella, notorious for its stylishly dressed attendees in eclectic and western inspired pieces.  I for one, am ecstatic that is western trend is coming back for the sheer versatility of the bandana.  Unlike previous trends gracing festival grounds, this ‘It’ accessory is very affordable and  has some real practicality to it, too.  A bandana can be worn as a head wrap, a headband, a scarf, a choker, a bracelet, and I have even seen it worn as a top on some occasions. So many possibilities!

The Trend

My Picks

Free People (1) | Urban Outfitters (1) | Free People (2) | Urban Outfitters (2) | Nasty Gal |
J. Crew

Which ‘It’ trends are your favorite? Let me know if you have any bandana suggestions! 🙂

xx, Kendall

The Best Fall Outerwear

I am an outerwear kind of gal.  Being one of those people that’s always freezing makes outerwear a necessity for me, so why not start a collection?  I am obsessed with outerwear and believe you can never get enough.  If you life in the north, I know you feel my pain for the beautiful but brutal winters here in New England.

7 coat trends to try this fall:

  • POLAR VORTEX: think casual, uber cozy and puffy parkas and anoraks with hints of fur.


Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.09.45 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.17.41 PM

  • FUR SURE: rich fur is making a comeback but in a completely different way.  Companies now have found a way to make faux fur identical to the real thing.  This luxe textile will be big with not only coats, but also collars, stoles, and even cuffs.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.12.36 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.14.51 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.15.59 PM

  • THAT’S A WRAP: Wrap coats instantly amp up the sophistication factor of any look.  These coats are also made of ultra cozy material.


Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 7.51.04 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.27.37 PM

  • CAPE CRUSADERS: the dramatic cape has made a comeback once again.  Not only in the classics, but also in a myriad of ranges- long, dramatic, and even weatherproof.



Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.21.31 PM

  • FRINGE FINISH: fringe is everywhere! I cant wait to try out this trend with a fun fringe coat

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.22.48 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.26.25 PM


  • BOMBER BLISS: Cozy, functional, and durable… what does this coat not have.  I love this silhouette with super warm sherpa wool.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 7.53.53 PM


Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.24.22 PM

  • CREAMY COLOR: colored coats in classic silhouettes are everywhere this fall.  Colors are great because even though you may not enjoy the cold weather, a colorful jacket does the trick to instantly brighten someones mood.




What coat type are you most excited to try this fall?

My sister just purchased the light pink pastel coat in the “creamy color” category and I might just have to steal it from her closet because I’m so obsessed with it. I also can’t wait to try the cape coat trend.  I have never tried on or had anything like that and I am super excited!

xx, Kendall

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Halter Top Transitional Look















I love this look as a transition into fall.  Rolling up my jeans is a go to styling tip for me when its still warm out during the day but gets a little cooler in the evening. It makes a look a little more casual.

Halter tops like this have such a flattering cut for any body type.  I have found so many similar tops to this that I love.  I decided to go with the pink because I realized I barely have any pink in my closet!

I am not normally a statement earring type of person, but when I saw these amazing earrings I knew I had to have them.  They are so great for elevating a simple look.

JEANS- The Gap
TOP- Ann Taylor (on sale now!)
WATCH- Fossil

What are your go to looks and styling tips for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall?

xx, Kendall

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Tips for Finding Jeans That Fit

As fall rolls around, jeans become a staple and a necessity.  However, it is so frustrating to shop for jeans.  Every store uses a different pattern to make their jeans, so there is no universal fit or sizing.  At one store, a pair of jeans could fit you in the waist but be too short, and in a another store the same size could be too long and tight on the waist. I know that the frustration is all too real.

I recently went shopping and was upset to find that I could not find jeans from my favorite jean store that I felt were a good quality fit.  I was on the verge of tears thinking that I would never find a perfect fitting pair of jeans ever again (I wish I were joking). None the less, I went into every store in the mall that sold jeans.  I tried on a bunch of different styles at every store but was not 100% happy with any of them.  I was getting more and more discouraged by the minute and almost didn’t go into the final store (Levi’s).  I am so glad I did  though because I found two pairs of jeans that fit perfectly and I could not be more happy with.

Here are some tips for finding jeans with the right fit:

  1. Know what kind of jeans you are looking for.  Prepare this before you begin your shopping process.  There are so many combinations that it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed if you don’t have a game plan.  Ask yourself “Do I want skinny, flair, or something in the middle? What wash do I want? What kind of waist would I feel most comfortable in (low rise, mid rise, high rise)?”
  2. Try on multiple sizes for each jean.  Nobody wants a jean to be to lose or too tight, so get multiple sizes. I have even had my size vary with different types of jeans in the same store.
  3. Take your time.  I like to take my time when trying on jeans because they can be tricky.  I try to do different activities while I am trying them on like walking around to see if they will fall down when I move, sitting down to make sure the back isn’t too low,  bending down and squatting to see the flexibility of the fabric, and staring in the mirror and seeing if I like the wash on (it can look different from when they are folded).  This may sound a little odd but it will give you a better idea of how they feel.
  4. If they don’t feel right and you don’t feel 100% confident in them, move on.  You may be reluctant because you’ve been eyeing this pair for a while but, trust me, you’ll be happy you didn’t settle when you find the perfect pair.
  5. Don’t get discouraged.  I know it can be disheartening when you feel the world is working against your mission to find the perfect jeans but don’t worry! With some time and effort you will.

Do you have any tips for finding jeans? What are your favorite type?  What stores do you like? Please let me know! I am always looking for different store and styles to try. 🙂

xx, Kendall

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Cannes 2015

I have always heard that everyone wants to go to Cannes for the Cannes Film Festival and the amFAR Gala and now I know why.  The Festival was likely this years most glamorous event and the gala a social climax.

This years festival theme was la femme.  Showcasing more female directors, leading actresses, and producers than ever before.

From runway to red carpet, the fabulous fashions of the event are not something to miss.  These are some of my favorites:


amfar-gala-red-carpet-cannes-29  amfar-gala-red-carpet-cannes-03

amfar-gala-red-carpet-cannes-01  amfar-gala-red-carpet-cannes-14

amfar-gala-red-carpet-cannes-11  amfar-gala-red-carpet-cannes-18

amfar-gala-red-carpet-cannes-20  amfar-gala-red-carpet-cannes-15

Let me know which outfit from the events is your favorite and why. 🙂

xx, Kendall

Wearable Technology: A New Trend In Fashion

In recent years, technology has become an ever increasing part of our everyday lives. Technology has advanced and enhanced everything we do in our lives.  Naturally, it has  been integrated into our everyday fashion and couture fashion.


Smartphones are an everyday wearable technology.  At first I didn’t think of them that way, but I’ve noticed that the way a person caries her phone or where she cary it (shirt pocket, pants pocket, hand) contributes to the over all styling of their outfit.  In addition, it is ever common to see people customize this accessory through different cases and bedazzlements. Kenneth Cole even brought smartphones to the runway!





Google Glass

The Google Glass made its debut on the Runway during fashion week.  Diane Von Furstenberg partnered with Google Glass in her Spring 2013 fashion show, spearheading the integration of technology to the catwalk.  It is an amazing piece of wearable technology that I along with many others are fascinated with.  Once Google Glass is available to the general public, the demand will be high and fashion and our daily lives will be changed forever.





The Fitbit, along with other similar devices are used to track a persons health and fitness throughout the day.  Many people really like these trackers because they make you more aware of you health habits.  However, many thought the overall design was boring.  Lucky for them, a few designers ,such as Tory Burch, came to their rescue with the Fitbit technology disguised as a highly fashionable bracelet.




Apple Watch

The Apple Watch, scheduled to launch in June (originally April but the demand from pre-orders is so high that they were not prepared) is changing the game.  Apple has already pre sold over one million watches!  This watch is a computer on your wrist. I imagine it is like those spy movies where the agents talk into their wrists.  One aspect that makes it so popular is Apple’s ability to integrate the watch into fashion.  There are 3 different designs for the watch face and several different watch bands to choose from.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 8.12.28 PM


Let me know what do you think about the technology trends in fashion! 🙂  Which trends do you like and which are you skeptical to try?

xx, Kendall

Mad for Plaid

I love to experiment with plaid.  Especially in the winter.  I really like this outfit for Fall.  Mixing plaids is so fun because there isn’t an exact science to it.  You can mix different sizes and colors.  I would recommend this trend to anyone.  It is basically fool-proof.  You can mix almost any plaid and it will look good. So gather all of your plaid items and have some fun mixing!